PealCollection, LLC was formed in the Fall of 2004 when we realized we shared the same passion for our hometown and its history and that we both wanted to share that passion with others. 

Most recently we have changed our name to "WALKS AND TOURS BY PEAL" to reflect the new direction we are taking -- one focused on walking tours.

 Presently, we have a collection of over 700 slides, which include the town's landmark buildings, prominent architecture, and faded wall signs, as well as many other categories of significance. Over the past five years, we have visited many community groups and schools with our slide show and walked many a miles with our neighborhoods on our tours. We give local history a slightly different slant - one that is informal and relaxed as well as educational.  We thank the public for its support over the years and look forward to "Featuring Bayonne History" for years to come.

Priscilla Ege (PE) & Alice Lotosky (AL)